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Tennessee Fails to Enforce Online Casino Ban

Despite Tennessee’s ban on gambling at online casinos, resident casino players are able to enjoy internet gaming without fear of prosecution, thanks to a loophole in the current legislation. The anti-gambling laws fail to address the issue of Tennessee residents gambling at online casinos outside of the state, allowing casino fans to visit as many sites as they wish. As a result many casino players are unsure if gambling at online casinos is legal or illegal in Tennessee.

While some forms of gambling are legal in Tennessee – for instance, participation in charitable events and playing in the Tennessee lottery – organized gambling at online casinos is listed as an illegal activity in the Tennessee Criminal Code. However, recent technological developments, such as the increased number of online casinos on the internet, have tested Tennessee’s interpretation of which activities are illegal and which are not. Despite the law’s stipulation that gambling is “contrary to the public policy of this state.” it fails to address the scenario of a Tennessee casino fan gambling at online casinos outside of state jurisdiction.

Recent figures have indicated that a higher number of Tennessee residents are gambling at online casinos than ever before. However until the issue is brought to court – and currently no plans to curb activity at online casinos have been mentioned by authorities – casino fans can continue their gaming without fear of contravening Tennessee state law.

OCA News Editor