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The World Series of Blackjack Approaches

We’re approaching the month of February, and that month will see the World Series of Blackjack being held in Las Vegas start at the end of it and continue into the first week of March. And online casinos are providing plenty of opportunities for online blackjack enthusiasts to win seats to this major gambling event. The contestants know the value of winning a seat to this tournament for one of the most beloved of online casinos games next to online poker, and so the stakes were riding high for many in recent days as they prepared for and played in qualifying events for the World Series of Blackjack.

“It’s a war,” tournament participant Joe Pane, originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. but now living in Las Vegas, said. As for the GSN television network which is set to film the World Series of Blackjack, Vice President for Programming Kevin Belinkoff said “Online blackjack tournament play brings an entirely different element to blackjack. It’s really exciting.” And the ease of play for blackjack makes even the worst of players have a shot at the big time: “It has a more everyman feel to it,” Belinkoff said.

Coming back to Pane, he says that “The other big difference between table play of blackjack and online blackjack tournament play is that in tournament play a player knows exactly what they stand to lose.” Online casinos are constantly offering opportunities for players to win playing opportunities at contests all over the world related to various gambling games, so keep an eye out on your favorite online casinos and gambling resources sites for more offers to win seats to the World Series of Blackjack.

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