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The Plight of the Online Casino Writer

What is it like to write for online casinos? It is an art form, really, especially when you write about online casino companies and gambling and the United States of America. You see, because online casinos are technically illegal to operate and use in the U.S., you sometimes have to be a bit creative with your writing: you have to not “incite” Americans to gamble online, but at the same time you have to inform them that online casino companies and gambling exist in the United States despite the de facto ban on them in the country.

What’s more, online casino companies have non-gambling divisions of their business that operate legally in the U.S. and still manage to get their casino brand name out there for people to look up on the web and visit and, more than likely, eventually gamble with online. It is actually kind of quite laughable, when you think about it: Americans make up the largest percentage of spenders and gamblers at online casino sites, yet Washington views what they are doing as illegal. If anything, it points to a glaring disconnect between Americans and their representatives in the federal government.

When you visit an online casino website, remember the little people like the online casino writers, who have to deal with the legal issues of online casino gambling in the United States and make the legality of the issue sound interesting. If online gambling were legalized instead of ostracized in the U.S., things might be different and easier. As it is, online casino companies are working toward a day when online casino gambling is considered as nominally normal as gambling at land-based casinos.

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With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming. His focuses include new releases and gaming providers.