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Indiana Bans Online Casino Operators

In 2005 Indiana passed new legislation outlawing the operation of an online casino within the state. Supported by a strong majority, the new legislation follows the example set by Arizona, which deems the operation of an online casino to be a state felony. The bill, which was co-written by Indiana Senator David Ford, takes its inspiration from previous legislation drafted by Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, a vociferous opponent of online casino operators.

Previously in Indiana, the operation of an online casino providing casino games for gambling purposes was termed a misdemeanor, however under Ford’s new legislation it is now considered to be a state felony. The decision to tighten up on online casino operators was made after the discovery of loopholes in the existing legislation which resulted in the state government’s failure to prosecute several unlicensed online casino operators.

The law which passed in April 2005 has already affected several online casino companies, not to mention casino game fans that prefer to play locally. Television Games Network closed their business in Indiana shortly after the new legislation came into effect. Other online casino operators are currently carrying out independent reviews of the new legislation and what the repercussions of it may mean for their businesses. Regardless of the outcome it looks doubtful that any other online gambling ventures will open in Indiana in the near future.

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