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Online Casino Fans Safe in Hawaii

The reluctance of Hawaiian officials to prosecute individuals charged with operating online casino sites is shared by no less than five other U.S. states. Along with limited financial and human resources, experts say the failure to prosecute online casinos is also influenced by current gambling legislation, which is vague and outdated. Law enforcers say that remote operators of online casino servers are out of reach of U.S. law enforcement, so complaints concerning online gambling in Hawaii are rarely investigated.

This is obviously good news for casino players who can enjoy gambling at online casinos with little risk of detection. And this laissez faire attitude toward online casinos doesn’t simply exist in Hawaii. Oregon, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan and Louisiana also do little to enforce existing legislation while online casino fans in these states spend large amounts of money playing casino games each year. The current estimate of transactions sent to online casinos from sources worldwide is predicted to exceed fifteen billion dollars this year.

Despite 205 arrests being recorded in 2005 by Honolulu police in Hawaii, for gambling related offenses, not one of these relates to gaming at online casino operations or usage. Many believe that Hawaii’s gambling legislation is unenforceable. Only one person has ever been charged with offenses relating to playing at an online casino in the history of U.S. anti-gambling legislation, and this number shows no sign of increasing.

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