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Student Gambling at Southern California Campuses

In the past few years, a gambling craze has been creeping through California and has now hit Southern California, with is popularity spreading like wildfire amongst students on campus. Gambling in events such as poker tournaments held on campus has always been popular, but students are now choosing more sophisticated versions of gambling as a choice of leisure time. Some students, having experienced the thrill and entertainment of gambling at other venues, are now trying to relive the experience by creating their own gambling experiences.

Many students are organizing weekend getaways and are flying off to Las Vegas for a quick gambling binge. Vegas has a lot to offer with its bright lights – big city attraction. Not many students, however, are able to afford such an expensive and distant gambling getaway. There are several local gambling resort options now available for students very close to their campuses. All they need to do is look.

Some of the gambling resorts in southern California have varying age limits. Some are from 18 years old and up, which are more popular with the students, while some are only from age 21. Two popular student venues are Morongo Resort and Casino and Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino. Both of these resorts offer mini Las Vegas experiences, for those looking for a slightly tamer weekend and gambling experience.

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