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The Impact of an Online Casino Ban

What will be the fate of online casino consumers in the U.S. were Washington to engage in an all-out effort to restrict access and online casino company activities in the country that aren’t necessarily related to online gambling? While such an effort is highly unlikely given the size of the country and the other priorities on the mind of Congress and the White House, a sustained crackdown could result in the abilities of online casinos to conduct business in their most profitable market to be severely hampered. The technology is there to restrict the access of Americans to online gambling websites, but the will at the moment is not.

Other countries around the world have managed with varying levels of success to impede the ability of their citizenry to access certain websites on the internet their governments do not agree with. Of course, these countries must be noted as being not democracies but theocracies, autocracies and otherwise isolated or oppressive. The United States can make no claim to being an autocracy, and so any efforts by the government to actively ban online casino operations of usage has the ability to spark massive protests against what many Americans would see as a blatant attempt at censorship or even as an assault on civil rights.

While it is unlikely that the U.S. government will begin a serious campaign against online casino gambling, it is not impossible. The impact of a successful bid by Washington to block online casino companies from offering services to Americans would be mostly financial, though it would give rise to the disturbing image of an American republic that has started down the road to restricting ever more freedoms. It must be cautioned that the U.S. as a whole would suffer greatly from such an event, and the future of relations between the U.S. and online gambling industry must be approached and its path tread upon carefully.

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