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The Future of Online Gambling in the U.S.

Will online casinos ever be legalized in the United States, or will online gamblers in the country always have one eye cast over their shoulders looking for Big Brother to see if the government is coming after them for spending their money the way they wish to do so. Online casino gambling is legal in many countries all over the world, and yet while there is no specific federal law prohibiting online gambling the U.S. government takes a dim view of the practice and applies a 1961 law to an unmistakably modern hobby that is perfectly safe to do and perfectly legal aside from in the few states that have passed laws specifically prohibiting online gambling.

It is doubtful that online casino games will be legalized in the United States anytime soon. Still, it is nice to think that the possibility is out there that one day an enterprising U.S. government will have mercy on the American pocketbook and the American gambler and allow them free and unfettered access to online casinos. And if we’re really optimistic, one day online casino operators will be able to base their servers in the U.S. and pay taxes to the U.S. government just like every other industry out there does.

The possibility exists that one day online gambling will be legalized in the U.S. and that it might very well be a politician elected who grew up with online gambling and who from the earliest moments of legal age played his games in the comfort of his own home and who, oh, who knows, might have even gotten his campaign started with a little of the financial cushion gained from their online casino winnings. Hey, you know, it could happen. It could really happen, and the online gambling industry is waiting for such a day.

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