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Shatner Stone Goes to Casino

Well, the lull didn’t last long – Golden Palace Online Casino is at it again, and Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise is the one who helped them do it. When the former Star Trek star William Shatner passed his kidney stone, there seemed to be no small number of people who wanted to get their paws on the piece of TV’s most famous interstellar traveler next to Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. Even talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel made it known that he wanted the stone for himself, but it wasn’t to be. In the end, it turned out that an online casino like Golden Palace was willing to pay the price and do what it felt was needed.

Says Mr. Shatner, “When I was contacted about selling my kidney stone to Golden Palace for an original price of $15,000, I turned it down knowing that my tunics from Star Trek have commanded more than $100,000. I offered the stone, stint and string for $25,000 and informed them that 100% of the proceeds would go to benefit Habitat for Humanity and I retain visitation rights.” As we all now know, the online casino grabbed at the chance and, well, William Shatner’s stone has now gone where many quirky online casino acquisitions of Golden Palace have gone before.

Getting back to Mr. Kimmel, he said “I want to own it. It is the ultimate Star Trek collectible. You know, it’s like a real ‘dilithium crystal.’” Still, online casinos sites like Golden Palace really do have a kind of a need for quirky marketing, and so Golden Palace Online Casino basically “transported” past the competition and secured the rock for their own purposes. Now all that we need to discover is which quadrant of the online casino company’s collection Bill Shatner’s stone will rest in.

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