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The U.S. and Online Casino Industry Now

The year 2006 isn’t even a month old, but can we gauge anything about the industry and its relationship with the United States government already? Not really, other than to say that with the increased measures being enacted by the Bush administration in the name of security the online casino industry is probably under a lot more scrutiny than it realizes. Unfortunately, the U.S. government might use the need to spy on Americans (so they say) against the online casinos industry, for if the government is looking into what websites people choose to visit, what games they play and so forth the government can go around the casino’s ability to offer games freely and target or prosecute the customers/gamblers themselves.

Why online casinos have been targeted in America is a combination of American morals and values which tend to look down a lot on gambling in general, and the worries that unregulated online casino companies could take money from Americans and possibly give it to those who are working against the interests of the U.S. Since online casino companies are generally based in tax havens, they are already seen to be attempting to limit the effect or influence national laws can have on them in the countries where they are considered legal, but even while they have instituted self-regulatory measures the U.S. doesn’t seem to want to trust them.

Even so, Americans living in the U.S. and abroad make up the highest percentage of gamblers on the internet, and the online casino industry would probably not have reached the heights it already has if Americans were forcibly prevented from gambling online. The U.S. has indirectly benefited from online casino gambling whether the government realizes it or not, and maybe 2006 would be a good year to press exactly just a case.

OCA News Editor

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