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Online Casino Companies and Equality

There are not any figures available for the percentage of Americans who gamble online that are white or black, Christian or Jew, Republican or Democrat or even vegetarian vs. carnivore. Even so, it should be stated this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that online casino companies come as close as a company can to fulfilling the dream of MLK that said one day Americans will be judged by something other than their skin color. In his own time, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a force of good for change in the world, and his vision stands as the guidepost for civil rights activists in the U.S. even to this day.

Of course, he mentioned the content of their character as a way to pass judgment on a person, but since we are talking about the internet here – a place mostly devoid of racial barriers, though often full of racism – how about online casinos, which don’t even really judge members by the size of their bank accounts, let alone their skin color or nationality or religion? Online casino companies provide services in a way that land-based casinos cannot, because for ill or good humans are filled with biases and not all customers of one skin color may be treated as well as those of another skin color.

By no means am I saying that the “equality of treatment” afforded by online businesses such as those that offer gambling games act as a replacement for the equal treatment of those in person. And it must also be stated that online casino sites must, according to U.S. law, be based outside of U.S. territory, and that online casino gambling is considered illegal by the Justice Department. But does that detract from the equal treatment of all people by online casino companies? Not at all. But it is worthwhile to simply point out that even as the U.S. government is engaged in an effort to restrict Americans’ access to online casino games, it is fighting a phenomenon that could teach America a thing or two about equality.

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