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The Gambling Taboo in the U.S.

The weekend is a great time for gambling online, and yet a lot of people choose to do other things a lot of the time. Why is this? Is this normal? Absolutely. In fact, in the world we live in, it is probably more normal to not visit an online casino in the United States than to actually do so. This is because gambling, not just online gambling but gambling in general, has a sort of taboo attached to it. America has always been a more conservative country than many others, from the times of the Puritans to our own.

This is has manifested itself in various ways, but perhaps one of the more noticeable is the fact that gambling and casino establishments are largely confined to specific territorial areas and with online casino gambling being considered illegal by the U.S. Justice Department. For more than one reason, Las Vegas is considered Sin City, the Sodom and Gomorrah all-in-one of America, but the reason this is so is the fact that so many Americans see Vegas as the home of U.S. gambling, and hence the home of U.S. depravity. This is a bit unfair, but the image has stuck despite Vegas re-branding itself as a family-friendly locale.

And so it is that most Americans will not gamble at an online casino this or any other weekend for some time to come, though the fact that not as many Americans as could know about online gambling surely plays a large role in the fact that online gambling is popular in the U.S., but not as ubiquitous as it could be. Given time, online casino companies may be able to tap more than just the fraction of U.S. financial resources that have the potential to increase online casino notoriety as well as pocketbook size.

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