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American Dispositions to Online Casino Gambling?

Are Americans more pre-disposed to gamble over the internet than those of other nationalities, or are the number of opportunities combined with the relative wealth of those Americans who can afford to gamble online conducive to the appearance that because Americans are the biggest share of online gamblers it is to them that the online gambling bug first flew to and bit? It’s an interesting question, because though online casinos have had their greatest success financially (aside from going public on the London Stock Exchange) in the United States, they are technically illegal so the American love of online casino gambling is quite special.

Online casino companies generally try and market their products to Americans more than to Europeans in a direct way, whereas with Europeans the advertising is often more subtle. Online casino executives want American money, but European support. This is what drives them to sponsor sports leagues in Europe. Of course, within the limits of the law online casinos can operate in the United States with entertainment arms, as Bodog has done with events to support U.S. troops serving overseas. This kind of marketing is bound to transmit a positive image to citizens and increase support. But it doesn’t answer the question from the very beginning – are Americans predisposed to online gambling more than others?

Unfortunately for online casino companies, the answer is probably no. Online casino gambling is popular among Americans, but there are probably more Americans with disposable income than Europeans – especially eastern Europeans – which is the source of the majority of revenues for online casino businesses catering to a world market, but especially Americans. Still, the fact that Americans are willing to gamble online in great numbers demonstrates the need to constantly advertise more than elsewhere, because the more Americans know about online casino gambling and its safety and trustworthiness, the more who are likely to gamble online.

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