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New Online Casino Poker Info Site

Poker is everywhere these days, at land-based casinos, in your garage, at bars and clubs and barracks and dorms. It is also online, and it is online poker that is probably the biggest game to hit the world wide web since the internet was started. There are, in fact, so many online poker websites and tournaments on the world wide web that if you’re not careful, one or two great poker promotions at an online casino might be all that you find for all of the awesome, numerous online poker tournaments and games out there these days.

To help alleviate the crush and confusion that comes with all of those online poker tournaments being around, when you’re wondering what the heck you’re going to do and which online casino to play online poker at, two University of Maryland students have come to the rescue with a new website dedicated to helping the confused, pining online gambler find that online poker game that they’ve been waiting so long for. The name of the website is C.F. Poker Money, though there has been no indication given that the name means anything other than the initials of the creators of the website.

Though press releases for the new online casino and online poker room review site state that online poker is a fad, online poker is definitely not a fad – otherwise, it wouldn’t require a site like C.F. Poker Money to exist. Still, the site lists the dates, times, websites and money involved in online poker tournaments across the world wide web, and is very helpful when you are looking for an online casino tourney focusing on online poker but not exactly sure what times they are at, what websites they are at, or if the times and websites fit their schedule. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see of what we speak.

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