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Online Casino Domain Name Auction

Online casinos are incredibly popular in the United States, despite the official opinion of the U.S. government (in the persona of the Justice Department), and there are always potential online entrepreneurs willing to start up their own online casino for the right price. And the right domain name, of course. On that note, it is worthy to point out that a vast portfolio of potential online casino powerhouse domain names is up for sale on eBay from the self-proclaimed U.S. Gaming Exchange (remember, technically online gambling is illegal, so it is “a” not “the” U.S. Gaming Exchange if you want to really get into the details.

The domain portfolio that is up for auction – the starting bid stands at a cool $150,000 – consists of 1,633 domain names for almost every kind of gaming combo imaginable, though the standards of popular online casino gambling are overrepresented to some extent (i.e. online poker, casino, hold’em, blackjack, sports book, slots, etc.) so if it variety you’re looking for or uniqueness of name, you might be a little disappointed. Still, anyone who gobbles up this portfolio of names could themselves turn to selling the names to interested parties at their own prices – not a bad deal for anyone who gets the package.

The most unfortunate thing about this might be that it is not an individual sale – the domain names are for sale as a group, and while the online casino domain names are priced individually at $91.86, they are not for sale individually…meaning that this auction is not exactly for the big online gambling dreamer with a small pocketbook at the moment, though if able to convince a well-off investor, such a deal could result in whatever the final auction bid amount is being multiplied many, many times thanks to the overall popularity of online gambling and online casinos.

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