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Win a Super TV from an Online Casino

Bet on this Super Bowl – and possibly win a TV to watch the next one? That doesn’t sound like such a bad contest to enter, and Kiwi Casino is the online casino company responsible for bringing it to you this NFL post-season. Never mind the fact that Kiwi Casino is based in a country where American football is not the most popular sport. The fact that Americans are the most prolific online gamblers necessitates online casinos, wherever they base their servers and whatever culture they base their casino theme on, offering deals and promotions which appeal to the heart of the American gambler.

The TV in question is a 42” plasma TV – that’s 42 inches of pigskin action next NFL or college football season if you win. This year, it is Super Bowl XL (40 for the uninitiated in Roman numerals) and some people have taken the “XL” to mean “extra large”. A 42” TV isn’t exactly a small prize we’re talking about, but you have to sign into Kiwi Casino in order to play online casino games which in turn will make you eligible to win the plasma screen TV. No, you don’t have to play the games, but you do have to deposit $100 in order to be entered.

And for every deposit you make, your number of entries grows – not too shabby, right? We think so. The drawing for the TV from Kiwi Casino will take place on January 22, so you’ve got some time if you are interested but are still wondering if depositing that money at an online casino provides you with the best chance to win. And remember, wherever you are in the world, to tune into the Super Bowl this coming February 5, 2006. Rare is such a game as expected as the Super Bowl, so gather around with friends and enjoy the rumble!

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