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New Online Casino Comps Program

Even though the concept of gambling or casino comps mean two totally different things when it comes to comparing them at online casinos versus land-based casinos, a new website known as Party Poker Comps claims that by signing up with them the same sort of comps which can be found at a “Vegas casino” can somehow be received online. This is a dubious claim due to the fundamental differences between online gambling and real-life gambling, but we’re talking about comps for gambling online here, and who if they are an online casino enthusiast is going to complain about that?

The founder of Party Poker Comps is Quinn Sivage, and he says that it was his seeing how successful Las Vegas poker rooms rewarded their players that inspired him to try and do the same thing over the internet. “Party Poker Comps operates on the same principal as land-based casinos: the more you play, the bigger and better the rewards. Your online casino comps are based off how many hands you play, not how much you win. Starting players receive a generous 80% of the affiliate commission back in the form of rewards. But valued online casino players will see 90%, even 100% comp-ing back right to them!”

So maybe it isn’t exactly that Party Poker Comps is trying to do for online gamblers what only Vegas, Indian casinos and Atlantic City can. But PPComps, if we may call it that, is applying the same principles for winners and loyal players at land-based casino establishments and this should provide lessons for all those at online casinos or operating online gambling sites which seek to build a fan-base of sorts. Most online casinos have comp programs anyway, but they are often more on the generic side of the creative spectrum. Maybe now, with Party Poker Comps, that will change.

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