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Holiday Online Casino Winner

Thousands of people are known to play online casino games over the holidays, quite often at online gambling sites they have had good luck at in the past. History repeated itself this holiday season for Kenneth N., an online gambler who has now twice hit an over $10,000 jackpot from the same online casino. The Connecticut-based online casino enthusiast won $40,000 over the holidays from Oasis Online Casino. He won the Christmas jackpot playing a game of Royal Flush online poker at the online casino’s insanely popular Royal Court Online Poker Room. What’s more, it was the second time in six months that such a prize has been won by Mr. N.

Says the lucky winner: “I have recommended your site to several friends who have all been enjoying themselves. Hitting this jackpot has made me the fourth person to hit over $20,000 in the Oasis Online Casino just this December alone, and I’m happy to play a part in Oasis Casino’s success!” And the managers of Oasis Online Casino are just as thrilled to have such a customer as Kenneth. “The money will certainly not go to waste! It’s wonderful to be able to make someone’s holidays a really joyous occasion with a big win like this,” said Randolph Shea, Director of Corporate Communication for Oasis Online Casino. “You really can’t buy much for a buck these days, but with $40,000, you can buy a whole slew of things.”

Who will the next big winner at Oasis Online Casino be? You can never really tell, but that is the way it is at most online casinos. You just play the games, and if you’ve got the luck – and if the game calls for it, the skills – you have the potential to win big. And this is the case whether it is the holiday season or not. You can’t win, remember, if you don’t play.

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