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U.S. Watches Online Casino Industry Evolve

Americans might not be able to see a change in the way their government views online casino gambling in the near future, but they and everyone else are sure to watch as the online gambling industry continues to evolve from the scattered sites they once were into mega-corporations worth billions of dollars. Online casino companies are increasingly branching out into a lot more activities than just casino games, and with their entertainment arms they will probably be able to operate and make money in countries which officially ban online casino gambling but which, because of the economic benefits they can reap, sometimes turn a blind eye to their citizens engaging in online gambling.

The U.S. government is one such government that officially views online casinos with disdain as illegal but which fails to seriously hold the American citizenry accountable to the over four decade old law which the Justice Department uses as its basis for declaring online casino gambling to be banned. This could be due to the obvious economic benefits Americans winning jackpots can contribute to the larger U.S. economy. Americans who win jackpots at an online casino might be violating a law that doesn’t specifically ban online gambling, and they might not be taxed on what they win, but they will probably be spending and saving some of those winnings in the U.S., keeping businesses going and the economy healthy.

2006 is almost upon us, and with the end of 2005 online gambling enthusiasts are going over the year that was and can see easily how much growth engaging in a favorite hobby of theirs contributes to the success of online casinos. The last twelve months have seen online casino companies go public on the London Stock Exchange in a big way, they’ve seen online casino companies grow into multi-billion dollar corporations, and the next twelve months are sure to see even more online casino changes. Without a doubt, online casino fans hope to share in the fun, excitement, and of course the money in 2006…how about you?

OCA News Editor