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Democracy and the Online Casino Industry

How can Americans pressure their members of Congress or other federal and state officials to give online casino gambling a chance? The same way they can influence decisions in Washington or their state capitals on any other issue: visiting the offices of their representatives, writing letters, organizing campaigns and keeping up their visibility in the media. There are plenty of online gambling enthusiasts in the United States, and Americans make up a majority of online gamblers at so many online casino sites, it is almost insane. But when it comes to the issue of its legality, many U.S. citizens just aren’t aware that what they are doing is considered illegal by their government thanks to a law passed 41 years ago.

It isn’t likely that the so-called “debate” in the United States over online gambling will be resolved next year. There are too many other issues out there to warrant a serious discussion in the halls of power…that is, unless American online casino enthusiasts make it an issue in such a way that the politicians representing them in any city won’t be able to ignore the political power within the populace that is the foundation of democracy in the U.S.

Ordinary Americans have immense political power and influence that they rarely exercise, or sadly rarely even know about. If enough people could be organized, the Justice Department would have to do a lot more than simply refer people to an antiquated law, and Senators wouldn’t be able to attach riders to major spending bills that would ban certain forms of payment for customers at an online casino. What the near future does hold for online casino companies vis-?-vis the U.S. is that Americans will continue gambling at an online casino or online poker room whether or not the federal government approves or disapproves of the practice.

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