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Online Casino Revenue Potential in U.S.

How many Americans do you think spent some part of the Christmas holiday weekend gambling at an online casino? If you say “Not too many,” get ready to be surprised. No, we don’t have exact numbers, just conjecture. But it may surprise you, if you didn’t already know, that Americans living in both the U.S. and abroad make up a significant percentage of online gamblers, and that this naturally results in probably thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of Americans gambling online with at least the amount of $1 over Christmas Eve on December 24 and Christmas Day on December 25.

Don’t disparage online casino gambling if you’re inclined to do so. Reports in major newspapers are clueing people into the idea that major investors on Wall Street may be interested in checking out the online casino industry despite its technical illegal status. If Wall St. can be interested in online casinos, why can’t you? Online gambling sites can bring in heavy amounts of money for their operators, and U.S. investors see the writing on the wall and want to get in on as early and low a floor of what is sure to grow from the billion-dollar young building block of an industry that it is now into a gigantic skyscraper of hundreds of billions of dollars in the years to come.

Just give online casinos a chance to show you their wares, oh critics of online gambling. If regulated and taxed, the U.S. government and citizenry stand to benefit from the monies which can be generated. Think of the possibility – online casino revenues or revenues from taxes on online casino operations could pour money into currently threatened programs like Social Security and revolutionize the future of social services in America for some time to come. Sure, gambling and online casino companies in general carry a stigma with them, but don’t judge this online gambling book by its cover.

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