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Online Casino Potential in South Africa

With the news that authorities in South Africa are considering a proposal to legalize online casino gambling in that country, internet gambling enthusiasts in the United States – themselves waging a fight with authorities from Senators to Justice Department officials to get online casino operations legalized – must be going over in their own minds and meetings how to possibly draft a similar proposal to send to Washington along the same lines of the document which was submitted to the Industry and Trade Minister of South Africa in the capital of Pretoria. Online gambling isn’t particularly popular in South Africa, but the National Gaming Board decided to recommend legalization as a means not only to regulate but keep out a criminal element from gaining control of online casino operations.

As stated before, online casino gambling isn’t all that popular in South Africa, perhaps due in part to the relatively small percentage of the majority-black population with a suitable connection to the internet. The case is the opposite in the U.S., where Americans make up a significant majority of online gamblers at websites run by companies elsewhere in the world. If a country where online gambling isn’t popular can possibly seriously consider legalizing online casino businesses, why can’t a government of a country whose citizens so dominate online casino gambling that the idea that it is technically illegal for them to do so can confuse the hell out of people?

There is no guarantee, of course, that Pretoria will accept the proposal of South Africa’s National Gaming Board, and from this Washington can gain some breathing space. Online casino gambling in South Africa is currently illegal, and unlike in the U.S. the authorities in South Africa have taken action in the past against the possible encroachment of organized crime elements into the business. Whether the U.S. has to worry about similar goings on or not depends largely not on what South Africa does, but what Washington does in regard to online casino gambling.

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