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Gambling Online In Spite of Laws

Why are online casino sites still gaining in popularity in the United States even though online gambling is labeled as illegal by the U.S. Justice Department? If something is considered illegal in America like online casino gambling is, how is it that Americans make up a good majority of spenders at online casinos worldwide? The easy and correct answer is that while online gambling may be considered illegal, the Justice Department – police, courts, etc. – doesn’t act against those who use online casinos. With other threats to the country and society on the radar, Americans gambling at an online casino isn’t a high priority.

But if you’re trying to operate an online gambling website in the U.S., this is another matter. It is one thing to catch and prosecute Americans – to begin to pursue – those who gamble online. They are merely spending their money as they see fit. However, online casino operators are blatantly breaking the law, even though the law used to determine that online gambling is illegal was passed in 1961 and in the age of cable internet a ban on sports gambling over phone lines is hardly applicable. Even so, the U.S. has taken several operators and advertisers on online casino sites to court, though decisions have not necessarily been in the criminal-range of punishment…merely slaps on the hand, as it were.

So if you’re an American interested in online casino gambling, know that it is technically illegal but the authorities aren’t exactly going after people. Yet. Many U.S. officials look at the off-shore nature of online gambling companies, which often operate in places like Gibraltar or Antigua, as potential national security threats (it is possible terrorists might set up an online casino to collect funds). It isn’t exactly a honeymoon period for online casinos and U.S. law, but until online gambling is outright banned or online casino companies regulated in cooperation with U.S. authorities gambling online will be relatively tolerated for the time being.

OCA News Editor

With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming. His focuses include new releases and gaming providers.