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The Year 2006 for Online Casinos

Will 2006 see the legalization of online casino gambling in the United States? More than likely not. If anything, it may be that we see an increase in attempts to put a full-stop to gambling online within the U.S. or by Americans anywhere by politicians who seem to have taken opposition to online casinos to heart, even though a majority of Americans support having the ability to legally gamble online. So if indeed efforts are ramped up to put the kibosh on online casino companies or operations or usage in the U.S. in 2006, what could the industry do in response?

Not much, at least not in the beginning. Since most online casinos operate in areas not under U.S. jurisdiction, they are not really all that able to take the United States government to court…after all, they’d be arguing from a position of absolute guilt for what could be construed as a crime simply because online gambling is not acceptable in the moment for the folks in the Justice Department and many in the Senate as well. The only real recourse, which perhaps might be the most effective, would be to get loyal customers of online casino companies to petition their representatives in Congress to soften their stance – after all, politicians want to get re-elected and if a majority of their constituents support something the politicians themselves oppose, what do you think they will do?

Of course, 2006 could be just another standard year where not much happens regarding the legal status of online casino operations in the U.S., and in this case those in the industry might simply do what they’ve always done: continue their operations anyway, refrain from calling too much attention to themselves, and continue to make it as easy as possible for Americans who want to gamble online to do so safely.

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