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Casino Debate in Indiana

Is it the case that gambling establishments increase the instances of crime and prostitution wherever they set up shop? That was the fear before a casino went up in Evansville, Indiana, but the Aztar Casino hasn’t exactly proven the opponents to the project right – opponents who were the ones who made those assertions and warnings of crime. In fact, most of the security or safety related incidents have been related to various levels of public drunkenness. If any sort of disturbing occurrences have emerged from the opening of the casino in 1995, it is the prevalence of gambling addictions. And so it is gambling addictions that steadfast opponents to gambling and the Aztar Casino are using as their ammo to try and shut the casino down.

According to reports from gambling opponents, former bank employee Darlene Fortwendel stole over $750,000 from the branch she worked at to fund her gambling addiction. When you think about it, you have to wonder whether or not the gambling addiction was something inspired by the opening of the Aztar Casino or a problem with the thief herself. Doctors would more than likely say the latter, but unfortunately Ms. Fortwendel died shortly after being sent and later released from a federal prison.

Opponents of casino gambling in Evansville don’t always point to her case, but others like it as well, as showing that the presence of a casino might not have caused her addiction but did contribute to it. It is likely that the debate over the pros and cons of a casino’s presence in Evansville, Indiana will continue for some time to come, with supporters pointing to the economic contributions to the city, and opponents pointing to the economic problems caused by having a gambling establishment in the area. What is for sure is that for the time being the Aztar Casino is and will be in business for some time to come.

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