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Poker Site Courts Frat Members

If you think about it, it’s a great opportunity – college students with cash to burn (and there aren’t as many as some think, but then again there aren’t so few as people think), wanting to win money at an online casino, and then an online gambling company comes along and offers them a great deal. Such is the case with online poker giant Party Poker, which recently announced a special promotion for members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. All AEPi members need to do is enter a special poker promotion code to get a monetary bonus which can be used at the online poker room.

The question that arises from this, though, is whether online casinos courting fraternity members is a good thing for the fraternities. This question arises because the Greek communities on campuses already suffer from undeserved reputations of lazy good-for-nothing druggies. The actions of a few in fraternities and sororities has already sullied for many the reputations of these fine organizations, and when you add in “gambling” to the mix, well, watch out brothers. There is nothing wrong with a little fun and games at an online casino, but it is important to remember that 1) online gambling is considered illegal in the U.S. and 2) if you’re not of gambling age, it doesn’t matter where the website or company has its server based – it’s illegal for you.

Without a doubt, Party Poker has the credibility of a major online gambling company, nominally trustworthy. There are so many online casinos websites and companies out there, and it is better that if college students are going to gamble online, they do so at a respected online poker or online casino company. But still, it would behoove the Greek community at colleges nationwide to be sure that they are following the tenets of the law. Don’t give university administrations another excuse to unfairly target your organizations.

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