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Native American Casino in New York

New York governor George Pataki was happy to find that the US Supreme Court recently rejected a lawsuit regarding New York states constitutional right to allow construction of a Native American casino. Pataki, a firm supporter of casino expansion throughout the state, believes that taxes collected from the Native American casino will help New York cover its vast expenses. Currently, New Yorkers who enjoy a bit of gambling, must either drive to Atlantic City or Connecticut to partake in casino entertainment.

The Supreme Court has not released any details on the case, but state that they will support the decision as it creates new employment positions and financial expansion in the tri-state area. New York State’s constitution bans the operation of casino sites within its borders. On the other hand, federal law, which overrides any state legislation, supports Native American casinos on tribal land, thereby allowing construction to take place. Anti-gambling groups also believe that there is little that can be done to cease construction; legally there is nothing that prevents a Native American casino in New York.

With the recent increase in online casino interests by gamblers in the US, it is not surprising that Governor Pataki wants to let New York get a piece of the action. The building of a casino in New York will bring people from surrounding states. The tax money that will be incurred by the NY government will be used for a plethora of purposes, including assisting the battling NYC public school system.

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