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Online Casino Leading Games

The online casino poker industry revenues have topped $2.4 billion dollars, which accounts for approximately 20% of total world wide earnings. This makes poker the online casino top game. It is predicted that by 2010 online poker will bring in 27% of total profits, yielding $6.7 billion. To put this in prospective; last year the Las Vegas strip combined casinos earned 5.3 billion US dollars. What does that mean for the online casino?

In short, the online casino is bringing in almost twice that of the Vegas strip yearly. For a relatively new industry, this is unprecedented. The ease of use and availability of the online casino is putting a damper on the land-based casino. Giving the ability for a gambler to play at his or her convenience, without the need to travel to far off destinations is the key selling point for internet-based casinos. The result is that Las Vegas and other such casino resorts are considering of expanding outside of the US.

US gamblers are the biggest players in the online casino poker sites. With games like Texas Hold’em made famous by the World Poker Tour and celebrity tournaments; it is no surprise that this game is all the rage in the virtual world. Online casinos are always thinking of new ideas to bring more players into poker rooms, with emphasis on large cash prizes and cheap buy-ins. If the online casino will continue following expected growth there will be no limit to potential earnings.

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