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US Based Online Casino a Possibility

North Dakota is struggling against current legislation to legalize an online casino based in the state. Jim Kasper, a North Dakota state representative based in Fargo, is trying to revive a campaign to legalize an online casino poker site. He is asking big name gambling companies to help finance a ballot, which, if approved, would make North Dakota the first state to legalize the online casino industry in the US.

A similar proposal was bought to Senate by Kasper earlier this year, but it was denied, with 44 votes opposing and a mere 3 approving. However, Kasper is not letting the bill die. He believes that the people of North Dakota will benefit greatly with tax cuts. If an online casino is allowed to operate within the state, the money bought in by gambling taxation, will lower property tax for North Dakotans. And although Kasper is not a registered fund-raiser committee with the states office, it does not stop him from attempting to bring his dream of an online casino to life.

The state of North Dakota gives the people the right to circulate petitions to put proposed laws and constitutional amendments directly on the ballot. Kasper is currently trying to convince the people that an online casino will help them financially, in order to get the required number of signatures on the petitions. To allow the development of an internet poker site, an online casino licensing law will be required in addition to an amendment to the existing North Dakota anti-gambling provisions.

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