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New Outlet for Amateur Online Casino Players

Just when you thought that amateur poker players could only win big at the online casino, a new show, the Small Town Poker Tour, hits TV screens across the US. The Small Town Poker Tour blends amateur poker players with the exciting game of Texas Hold’em, for a new way to watch, and play, your favorite online casino game. Set to travel the USA in search of the best amateur poker players in America, the Small Town Poker Tour gets its roots from the recent popularity increase of the online casino.

The Small Town Poker Tour will tour all 50 United States in search of America’s number one amateur poker player. The poker tour will also be filmed for television, with possible virtual streams at your favorite online casino. The amateur tournament also plans European, Canadian and Asian Tours, where the reputation of Texas Hold’em is growing steadily. The US based partners of the Small Town Poker Tour are serious about making it the finest amateur poker competition in the world.

The tour hopes to add a grassroots look to the nation’s fastest growing online casino poker game, Texas Hold ’em. The Small Town Poker Tour is as simple as the title states, blending everyday people with the exciting game of Texas Hold’em and in the process donating money to local charities. The tour will not be like those flashy tournaments you see on television. It will be of the most basic setup and will allow US poker enthusiasts to learn about the game, and watch amateur players who have, until now, mostly played at the online casino. The poker finals will be filmed in a major land-based casino, leaving the rest of the show to be an exploration of the poker world.

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