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USA to Enter the Online Casino Market

Do you know what is missing in the USA?? An online casino operating within the country!! Las Vegas is the best known land-based casino site, not only in the USA, but on the planet. With popular casino resorts including the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Venetian bringing in millions of tax dollars, it seems as though the casino industry has done nothing but improve the financial status of the USA. So isn’t it logical enough to allow the land-based casino market to venture into the virtual world of online casino gambling?

In 1961 a law known as the Wire Act was passed in the US which prohibited gambling over the phone. This law has not been changed, and currently affects the legality of running an online casino within the United States. The 1961 law is out-dated, and simply put, leads to the outsourcing of the online casino. Current speculation predicts that legalizing on shore US online casinos will bring in over 10 billion dollars in taxes. In addition, many new job opening will be available, as an online casino needs a plethora of employees. Considering these positive impacts there seem to be no reasons keeping the government from updating the Wire Act, thereby making online casinos legal. Over 63 countries world wide benefit from online gamblings billion dollar industry, with more and more countries changing regulations every year; the US should follow suit.

With the popularity of casino games such as poker, black jack, craps and the like on the rise, it is no wonder that American’s are looking at to play at an online casino. It seems nonsensical to send residents abroad, when the US government can benefit. Don’t you think its time to let Las Vegas become virtual? With any luck one day soon, you will be able to visit the MGM Grand without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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