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Penn Gaming Board Keeps Deadline

In a recent decision, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board decided to keep a December 28, 2005 deadline for the submission of all application for operating gambling licenses in the state, according to the Gaming Board’s chairman, Tad Decker. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board oversees many aspects of the gambling industry in the state of Pennsylvania, including the licensing of casino locations and companies seeking to do business there. It is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that is responsible in part for recent plans to build a casino in Philadelphia, with interested parties in the casino project including the group that owns and operates the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is one of many like organized bodies in the United States which regulates those gambling businesses and practices allowed under federal and state laws. According to Mr. Decker, “After polling Gaming Board members individually, I have concluded that any proposal to change the deadline for submitting these gambling license applications will not be approved by the Gaming Board. Given the time sensitivity of the application process for gambling licenses, we are making this announcement now, rather than at the next Pennsylvania Gaming Board meeting on December 1, to give our potential casino applicants as much notice as possible.”

Pennsylvania casinos execs or companies interested in building casinos in the state now have a little longer to get their papers in order and their proposals finished so that any casino or other gambling enterprises they might want to build or operate will have the chance to get licensing and do so legally. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has not yet, at press time, spoken out for or against online casinos gambling and of course no licensing of any kind of online casino companies that openly carry out gambling operations are allowed in the U.S.

OCA News Editor