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New Motown Legends Online Casino

Look out world, Motor City is out to make its mark on the online gambling world with the release of the Motown Legends Online Casino. The Four Tops and The Miracles are reportedly among the singing groups sponsoring the new online casino which will be launched in a full, play for real money version for players in the sixty-four countries around the world that have legalized and created a regulated industry for online gambling and a strictly play for fun version for players in the U.S., where online casino gambling is considered to be illegal by authorities in the Department of Justice.

Online casinos usually have some sort of theme to differentiate themselves from the hundreds of other online casino sites out there already, from being old time river boat online casinos to red, white and blue U.S.-themed online casinos. But this new Motown Legends Casino is hoping to establish a base for online casino gambling right in the heart of American culture – Motown, after all, is the style of music that most open-minded Americans have listened to and enjoyed many times on the radio in their cars or on CDs or MP3 players in their homes. Atlantis Gaming Group is set to be responsible for bringing the online casino to life.

“The amazing thing about Motown artists is that they are known around the world,” said Donald Bailey, chairman of Atlantis Gaming Group. “We believe that gives us a major marketing advantage over the competition.” One wouldn’t be mistaken to think they are right, but one also wouldn’t be surprised if depending on how the online casino based on Motown Legends performs that rock stars, hip hop stars and others soon want to see their sponsorship of online casinos come to life. Thanks to Motown Legends Online Casino, it could be that U.S. online gambling is on the way up.

OCA News Editor