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Scary Times For Casino Wizards

Will Daniel Radcliffe return for the rest of the Harry Potter movie series? Movie number four has just been released, but online casino odds makers are hoping that Hollywood’s favorite boy wizard returns to finish the rest of the movies – there are set, like the books, to be seven. Daniel Radcliffe said recently that he was thinking about not doing all of the movies, which sent American online casinos fans who happen to be fans of the books by J.K. Rowling and the Warner Brothers movies into a tizzy – yet one more thing for online casino odds makers to contemplate in addition to sports bets, Oscar wins, political outcomes and more.

It isn’t known who would replace the young Radcliffe, reportedly now an object of affection for young girls everywhere who have watched him grow up through the movies. One of the main characters, Albus Dumbledore, was played by the late Richard Harris before that venerated actor died and now Michael Gambon plays the headmaster of the Hogwarts wizard school. Online casino sites often offer odds on who the next actor will be to take up a major role; James Bond is a good example of a character who has had many actors portray him and who’s replacement each time spawns many betting pools, the majority of them offline.

Now, it must be remember that for the moment Harry Potter in his current incarnation will probably return for at least one more film, but there is no telling how the movie franchise would be affected were he to leave, and online casinos bettors will be surely watching and waiting, in the U.S. and around the world, for whether Daniel Radcliffe will lay down his wand before the credits roll on the final Harry Potter movie, whenever that will be made and released.

OCA News Editor