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Congressional Battle Over Online Casino Rights

Online casino gambling is under assault in the United States once again, as a member of the House of Representatives is adding his voice to that of a member of the US Senate in the fight to make online casino use and operations illegal in US territory and by Americans anywhere. Congressman James Leach, Republican of Iowa, and Senator Jon Kyl, Republican of Arizona, in each of their respective chambers see themselves as being voices of conscience against the dangers posed by online casinos. Senator Kyl recently attempted to attach a rider to a spending bill that would have prohibited US credit card holders from using their cards to gamble online, but that failed.

Representative Leach has passed around a letter which notes the social dangers of gambling in general as applies to online gambling, and he also notes that online casino gambling represents a significant national security threat. Noting that fundraising is often done over the internet for terrorist groups, Rep. Leach warns – indirectly, that funding for terrorist groups could come from online casino operations. How? He doesn’t come right out and say it, but it could be that a company which runs an online casino could actually be a front company for a terrorist group – just the latest hypothesis that enemies of the US who know how to turn our technology against us with passenger aircraft could do the same with online gambling sites.

For now, there isn’t any real sign that Leach’s or Kyl’s efforts will pay off with tangible results. Americans make up a gigantic percentage of the global users of online casino sites and games, and the few internet controls that exist are unable to cope with the sheer number of online casino sites which exist today, and more seem to pop up every few months. It could be that Senator Kyl and Congressman Leach are swimming upstream on a river that is fast and hard flowing the opposite direction.

OCA News Editor