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60 Minutes story about online casino gambling

On Sunday night in the U.S., one of television news’ longest-running informative programs will feature a story on online casino gambling. “60 Minutes”, on the network CBS, will air a story talking about the economic impact of online gambling as well as the arguments for and against the legalization of online casino companies and operations in U.S. territory. Though there are no specific federal laws banning online casino gambling, the government uses the 1961 Wire Act, which banned certain forms of betting over phone lines, to make its case that online casinos are illegal for Americans to use, operate, or aid the operations of.

One of the biggest opponents of legalizing the online casino industry in the United States will be interviewed in the 60 Minutes broadcast on Sunday night. Senator Jon Kyl, a Republican from Arizona, states that “It’s so easy to do. It’s so easy for kids to do. It’s so addictive. We may not be able to stop it all, but if we can stop the major part of it that’s coming from offshore, we will have done something very, very good.”

Those in the online gambling community had this to say about the potential for financial gain if the U.S. legalized online casinos gambling: Sporting Bet’s Nigel Payne says that the US Treasury is missing out. “We calculated that, were America to have regulated the industry in 2004, the American states would have earned $1.2 billion in tax.” Part of the argument made by the U.S. government is that the non-regulated nature of online casino gambling, with servers and companies based overseas, is that if Americans are cheated out of their money by an online casino they won’t have the ability to take the company to a U.S. court to try and get their money back.

OCA News Editor