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Bodog Online Casino in major PSA push

What do you do when you are a sort of company that is frowned upon by the United States government but still want to get your name out there without bringing down the wrath of anti-online casino authorities? You use one of your “legitimate” businesses, of course, to push an anti-poker hustling campaign that puts you in the limelight as a business combating those who are out to quite literally hustle you out of your money in a poker game of any kind. The new Bodog campaign, run by the Bodog Entertainment arm of the Bodog Online Casino company, has unveiled four TV spots which focuses on certain types of poker “predators”.

What’s more, similar ads are reportedly – according to a press release from Bodog itself – going to be shown in over 150 movie theaters across the U.S. before PG-13 and R-rated movies. The press release isn’t shy about stating that Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre will be the star of the ads, and that this appearance is another “groundbreaking moment” for Bodog Online Casinos, as most company heads are anonymous by Ayre is not “shy about either the nature of his business or his role” as they put it “as mogul”.

Press releases of this type have to make you wonder whether or not Bodog is testing the authorities to see if an online casino company putting itself out there in the way that Bodog is now doing will result in a backlash or will be allowed to slide. At the moment, with the ads being created by a division of the Bodog Online Casino company that doesn’t have much to do with gambling itself or inducing viewers to gamble, it seems that without such specific inducements to play online casino games Bodog will be able to get away with them

OCA News Editor