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Casino cheater speaks out about technology

How easy is it to cheat at a casino? One “accomplished” U.S. casino cheater says no matter what technology exists at any sort of casino, cheaters aren’t going to be daunted or turned away from trying to cheat. Casino gambling represents a chance to make money quickly, and the dreams of riches can often lead people to try anything, or virtually anything, to win that money unfairly if they cannot do so fairly. In fact, those who are not skilled or lucky at winning may find that cheating at a casino will get them money much easier than trying for it the honest way.

Richard Marcus scammed over $5 million dollars from casinos in the U.S. such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as outside of the U.S. at casino buildings run in London and Monte Carlo. He claims to “more or less” have retired from the lucrative “business” of casino cheating. And despite the fact that he was good at it and so to are others, “Almost everybody gets caught,” he said. Still Marcus, who has never been convicted of any crime against any casino, says that if people get caught “it’s not because of the technology. Casino cheats are desperate people, and they do stupid things. Most people get caught because they get too much exposure.”

Of U.S. casinos that are relying more and more on technology to help them catch a scammer in their casino, Marcus says “These people rely upon their technology too much. There is no room for maneuver in their thinking. I don’t have to fool the camera or the technology, I only have to fool the dealer or his pit boss. If I fool them, the technology doesn’t come into play.” Marcus says that no matter what technology a U.S. or international casino may employ, as long as he remembers his moves he needn’t worry about getting caught. “I don’t have to go back into a casino to know my moves will still work,” Marcus said.

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