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Texas Reels offers True Multiplayer Slot Gaming

Texas Reels offers True Multiplayer Slot Gaming

If you’re looking for fun, multiplayer, mobile slots then checkout the new game from the developer TouchSpin Gaming, Texas Reels.

Texas Reels offers True Multiplayer Slot Gaming

TouchSpin Gaming’s latest offering, Texas Reels, is a completely new way to enjoy multiplayer slots.

The game is one of very few multiplayer mobile slots available. It allows up to six players to bet against each other in real time against the same set of reels. To make the game even more enjoyable, it features a number of powerups, bonus games, scatter symbols and levels.

The app offers nineteen unique slot machines, each one features different upgrades and offers increasingly more competitive play.

The way it works is that each player sees and spins the same set of reels and bets on the final outcome.

However, a split reel system has been developed that gives each player two private reels which combine with five shared reels. The player that spins the best combinations will win the collected bets in the pots.

Texas Reels is probably the most social slot available at the moment. Never before has a developer released a multiplayer slot quite like this one. So be sure to tell all your friends about it, download the app and start enjoying this new social gaming experience today.

OCA News Editor