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New Payment Tool From First Data

New Payment Tool From First Data

The fact is gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry globally and it is growing.

According to H2 Gambling Capital, the online gambling revenue globally reached $36.7 billion in 2013.

By 2017, it is expected that the U.S. will represent over 15% of revenue in this market where over $2.6 billion will be generated by player revenues in the U.S. by regulated onshore activity.

In response to this growth, First Data, which is a global leader in payment technology and services solutions, recently launched a new payment solution for both legalized online and offline gambling and gaming.

New Payment Tool From First Data

First Data has released PayLucky Solutions, the latest payment tool for both online and offline gaming and gambling.

This new solution, PayLucky Solutions, will offer clients a package of comprehensive payment services which includes built-in risk management solutions.

PayLucky Solutions will enable players to have quick access to their funds with a variety of options including prepaid cards, a paper check or an ACH deposit to a checking account.

The latest solution from First data will also allow for the instant funding of player accounts and will enable risk-free acceptance of payments using the TeleCheck® Warranty ACH service.

Loyalty programs will also be linked to PayLucky Solutions through a secure mobile app or wallet solution enabling VIP players to play at higher levels with ease and convenience.

As Jonathon O’Connor, general manager of Online Gambling and Alternative Markets said, “PayLucky takes the complexity out of managing multiple providers and creates a streamlined experience for the U.S. gambling market with built-in risk management protections for all parties.”

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