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$700K More Funding for Gambling Research

$700K More Funding for Gambling Research

CQUniversity, well known for its previous studies and research into problem gambling, has secured itself an additional $700,000 which will be used to study innovations in gambling technology and to also develop a conceptual model of gambling-related harm.

$700K More Funding for Gambling Research

CQUniversity receives additional $700,000 in funding to study innovations in gambling effects and harm.

Two of the professors who headed up the Experimental Gambling Research, Dr. En Li and Associate Professor Mathew Rockloff, are both from CQUniversity.

Both professors earned ‘Top 10’ status for the latest Lecturer of the Year award.

The new study will look at the impact of innovations in gambling products such as bingo, casino table games and others which incorporate high-tech interactive audio and visuals as well as animated simulations of sporting events such as racing.

Other areas to be covered include real time odds, linked lottery terminals and virtual croupiers.

Beyond the well documented and understood gambling related disorders, the research will also focus on the full spectrum and categorization of the harms related to gambling and what mechanisms actually cause the harm.

Dr. Browne, a principal investigator for the Gambling Harms project, said that a conceptual model of gambling harm that conforms to the internationally recognized Burden of Disease (BoD), will allow for comparisons to be drawn between other public health issues such as alcohol abuse.

Attention will also be given to understand the impact on individuals, third parties and the community.

OCA News Editor