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Charities Begin to Accept the Bitcoin

Charities Begin to Accept the Bitcoin

The last month has seen the virtual currency bitcoin attract more attention than ever before resulting in the currency’s value quadrupling and briefly passing the $1000 mark.

Charities Begin to Accept the Bitcoin

The last few weeks has seen a surge in the number of social good companies which have begun accepting bitcoin.

As the currency becomes more widely accepted there has been a huge rise in creative ways for non-profit organizations, philanthropies and social enterprises to use the currency for social

This week GoCoin, a leading payment platform for the Bitcoin economy, announced a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica in launching their #GO4Good campaign. The campaign is asking people to tweet using the hashtag #Go4Good on Giving Tuesday. GoCoin promised that it would donate $10 per tweet and match Bitcoin donations up to $10,000.

Also this week the Los Angeles creative agency filmanthropos said that it will accept bitcoin for social good. It has become the world’s first creative agency to accept bitcoin for philanthropic use. The company specializes in multiplatform storytelling for philanthropies, causes and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Last month a number of other bitcoin giving campaigns were featured for Bitcoin Black Friday such as Fight for the Future, Humble Bumble and BitGive.

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