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Poker Player Cheats Using Google Glass

Poker Player Cheats Using Google Glass

Google Glass is still being tested by a number of beta users and some have found that it can be of great help at the poker table. As one tester has found it gives less experienced players the chance to receive real-time advice from others, in other words, it can provide an easy way to cheat.

The tester was able to let his professional poker-playing cousin see his cards at a home game, as well as the table thanks to Google Glass’ ability to record live video and stream it to anywhere.

Poker Player Cheats Using Google Glass

A Google Glass beta tester has found an easy way to cheat using the device’s video streaming capabilities.

The technology has already worried Nevada gaming regulators, last June the state issued a recommendation to casinos saying that it should ban Google Glass.

In their recommendation the regulators wrote: “While there is nothing specifically illegal regarding the possession and/or general use of these devices, the potential for inappropriate and/or illegal use in a casino does exist. For example, these devices could be used to share card information between players in poker and other table games, which could give those players an unfair advantage or allow them to cheat”.

At present it is up to individual casinos whether they ban Google Glass or not, however, it is hard to see how they can allow it when it can easily be used to cheat.

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