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Casinos Target Video Games with Skill Based Slot Machines

Casinos Target Video Games with Skill Based Slot Machines

While Atari’s 1981 game Centipede is considered an antique in the world of video gaming, it appears it maybe the next big thing in the casino industry.

Casinos Target Video Games with Skill Based Slot Machines

Game developers have started to develop slot machines based upon old arcade games in an attempt to appeal to middle aged gamers

A number of slot machine manufacturers are releasing games inspired by the old penny arcade in an attempt to attract middle aged gamblers who are nostalgic for the games and would want to utilise their old skills to try and win some cash.

The Centipede game has been developed by International Game Technology, it allows players to convert points earned shooting digital insects directly into cash.

If two gamblers sit down to play each other, the better player will win more cash.

This week at the gambling industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas a number of people tried out the new game. Over all it seemed to be met with great success and was enjoyed by many. The game includes a bonus round which gives players the chance to significantly increase their winnings.

IGT’s game designer, Keith Hughes, said, “We’re figuring out how to deliver video games to players in a wagering environment, and this game is helping us figure out the best way to do it.”

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