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Casinos Share Intelligence to Help Stop Cheating

Casinos Share Intelligence to Help Stop Cheating

Casinos are increasingly using a shared intelligence network in order to stay ahead of cheaters. This was exemplified recently when a player at the Mohegan Sun, who was sitting playing poker with a cap pulled down low, was spotted thanks to a bulletin sent to casinos around the country.

Casinos Share Intelligence to Help Stop Cheating

There are sophisticated networks in place to allow casinos to share intelligence in order to catch cheats.

The player was soon arrested and accused of marking cards with invisible ink.

The casino’s surveillance director Jay Lindroos said, “The officer who identified him, basically she had a ‘Holy crap!’ moment.

She saw the face and said, ‘I recognize that guy!”

A decade ago the Mohegan Sun began sharing intelligence with its next-door rival, the Foxwoods Resort Casino and since then the online network has evolved.

The director of public safety for the Mohegan Tribe, Joseph Lavin, said, “If something happens at Foxwoods at 1 o’clock, we’ll be aware of it no later than 2, 2:30.

It won’t take more than a day or so before that information goes to Atlantic City, goes to Pennsylvania, goes out to upstate New York.”

Thanks to the system, workers at casinos are always on the lookout for hundreds of known cheats and the success rate of catching them is always on the rise.

OCA News Editor