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EVO 2014 to Use Xbox as Main Platform

EVO 2014 to Use Xbox as Main Platform

It has been announced by Shoryuken that the annual fighting game tournament, Evo, will be taking place at the LVH Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from July 11-13 in 2014. Furthermore, it was revealed that the Xbox 360 will be the tournament’s main platform.

EVO 2014 to Use Xbox as Main Platform

For the first time in five years the PlayStation 3 will not be the main gaming platform at Evo.

Evo is the world’s largest fighting game tournament and participants take part in a range of tournaments from Super Smash Broz. Melee to Injustice: Gods Among Us to Super Street Fighter 4. This year’s Super Street Fighter tournament was won by DM MCZ Xian.

The founder and organiser of Evo, Tom Cannon, said that this year’s was the tournament’s biggest ever year. Around 1.7 million unique viewers watched the tournament’s official live-stream channels on Twitch, concurrent viewership peaked at 144,848 for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

According to Twitch this year’s Evo had viewership figures almost 50% higher than last year’s and broke all records for fighting game tournament viewership records.

This will be the first time for five years that the PlayStation 3 is not the main console at EVO, nonetheless, games that aren’t available on Xbox 360 can still be played on other consoles.

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