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MobileStorm AppMail to Provide Location Based Advertising

MobileStorm AppMail to Provide Location Based Advertising

MobileStorm has partnered with Locaid, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service company in order to provide the online gambling industry with the most advanced geo-location messaging services possible.

MobileStorm AppMail to Provide Location Based Advertising

Thanks to a partnership with Locaid, MobileStorm’s new application is able to target customers with adverts based upon their geo-graphical location.

The patent-pending AppMail solution is designed to integrate with existing mobile casino applications by embedding an internal inbox into apps. The inbox will be exclusive to each app. The casino can then use App mail after the application has been installed on a mobile device and can target markets with HTML content and added features that are relevant to the customer at the appropriate time.

MobileStorm’s location-based technology, which is powered by Locaid, will automatically detect a customers’ geographical position and deliver real-time, relevant offers which should greatly improve conversion and redemption.

The Head of Client Development & Casino Services for mobileStorm, Darren Withers, said that, “Appmail is the next evolution in delivering offers to players. The pervasiveness of mobile apps is unstoppable. Having an inbox within a casino mobile app gives communication power back to casino properties who are currently at the mercy of the US Postal Service, Internet Service Providers and cell phone carriers when sending offers to valuable players and guests.”

OCA News Editor