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Exciting New Developments for Mobile Casinos

Exciting New Developments for Mobile Casinos

mobileStorm has announced the launch of two new products designed to revolutionise mobile casino marketing. The products should prove invaluable to casinos keen to intelligently target customers with relevant offers and promotions.

Exciting New Developments for Mobile Casinos

The launch of two new tools and Apple’s latest iPhones will help ensure the mobile gambling revolution continues.

The first product, Located-based SMS Messaging, will provide casinos with the most advanced geo-location messaging services available. The technology will automatically detect customers’ position and deliver relevant, real-time advertising which should massively increase conversion.

The Head of Client Development & Casino Services at mobileStorm, Darren Withers, said “The right message at the right time, & now in the right place, is what makes mobileStorm the most intelligent communications platform for the casino industry.”

The second product, AppMail, creates an internal inbox exclusive to a specific app. Once installed on a player’s phone, a casino can use it to send HTML content as well as push notifications to the inbox. The application makes it easy for casinos to launch content rich and highly engaging mobile advertising campaigns.

These tools will prove essential as more consumers adopt powerful smartphones. This week Apple launched two new iPhones, the 5S and 5C. The 5S has a number of performance upgrades which will make mobile gameplay better than ever before without a reduction in battery life while the 5C is cheap enough to open up mobile gambling to a whole new market.

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