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Bally to Showcase New Technology at Global Gaming Expo

Bally to Showcase New Technology at Global Gaming Expo

Visitors to the Bally Technologies stand at the Global Gaming Expo will be able to witness first-hand how the company is able to connect the entire gaming world through its cross-platform solutions.

Bally to Showcase New Technology at Global Gaming Expo

: Bally Technologies is preparing to display a huge range of its products at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Bally’s 15,300-square-foot exhibit will allow casino operators to see how Bally connects players through floor-wide systems-based promotions and tournaments and also see the company’s latest branded games such as Titanic, The Magic of David Copperfield and ZZ Top Live from Texas.

The CEO and President of Bally, Ramesh Srinivasan, said, “We will showcase a tremendous amount of new content as we continue to see the results of our commitments to R&D across games products, systems and interactive technology.

In the past four years Bally has earned more than 60 awards for innovation.

We believe our new brands, platforms and ability to provide a single view of the player will continue that trend.”

The company’s Senior Vice President of Games, Derik Mooberry, commented that some of the new features on display will include ten new play mechanics, three new licensed brands and two new cabinets.

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