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Unity To Support 2D Gaming Development

Unity To Support 2D Gaming Development

Unity, the cross platform gaming engine, has risen to a prominent position in 3D mobile gaming over the last five years.

Unity To Support 2D Gaming Development

The cross platform gaming engine Unity will soon support 2D gaming allowing developers to quickly produce cross platform compatible games.

The first version of Unity was released in June 2005 and has been built upon ever since. The current version, Unity 4.2, allows developers to build for a wide range of platforms including PC games, game consoles and mobile devices. The idea is that developers can write just one set of code which can be deployed on every platform.

Now with smartphone usage exploding and mobile gaming a major part of the gaming industry, Unity is behind a significant portion of the mobile market. There are over 100 installs a second of Unity powered apps and the rate is increasing all the time.

Now Unity is preparing to release version 4.3 which will have explicit support for 2D gaming including a 2D scene builder, a 2D physics engine, sprite support and improved animation tools.

This is excellent new for the online gambling community. It will allow all the game developers to release their games on multiple platforms at the same time, this means players will be able to enjoy the latest games regardless of whether they use their PC, android device or iOS device for gaming.

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